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Will St James’ be a sell-out tomorrow?

October 30th, 2010 | 42 Comments |

St James' Park - Full to the brim?
St James' Park - Full to the brim?
I’ve been checking online for quite some time now to see how ticket sales for the derby match against Sunderland tomorrow have been progressing.

It’s fair to say that they have been going pretty well, which is to be as expected as it is THE local derby, but will we manage a sell out at St James’ Park for the first time this season?

In short, technically we won’t sell out fully as a larger than normal segregation area between the two sets of fans has been requested by the police, presumably to stop those filthy Mackem tramps hoying their sharpened benefit coins at the home fans, again, but what about all of the rest of the avaiable seats? Will we shift them in time for the kick-off tomorrow? Or will we fail to sell out a derby for the first time in quite a while?

I checked earlier and all I saw was one seat remaining in the Platinum Club, just one seat in the entire ground. I checked a bit later on and the official website said that there was a few more seats left. Then I checked again and it said we had sold out. In short, heaven only knows if we have actually sold out what is available as the new club website appears to be a bit pants in all honesty and can’t seem to make it’s mind up on what it wants to show! (more…)