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Hughton – “There will be minimal spending”.

July 23rd, 2010 | 70 Comments |

Hughton - Skint!
Hughton - Skint!
The capture of Dan Gosling means that Newcastle have now increased their squad numbers by two this summer, but we can expect more new faces to come.

I wouldn’t expect any new faces to be established Premier League faces though, especially after what Chris Hughton has said today.

It’s pretty clear that there is money there, but only if the deal represents good value for the club. That is all well and good, but if it is providing good value for the club then the chances are that the fee will be minimal, if there is one at all, and that limits our options in the transfer market quite significantly as we look to try and build a squad capable of surviving in the Premier League. (more…)

Toon close to Gosling signing.

July 19th, 2010 | 168 Comments |

Dan's in Toon?
Dan's in Toon?
The situation regarding Dan Gosling has rolled on for some time now and parts of it have resembled a soap opera, but it looks like Newcastle are finally closing in on the signing of the 20-year old midfielder.

Reports suggest that Gosling is in line to sign a four year deal on Tyneside, with Friday being the most likely day for an announcement going by some rough calculation and guesswork.

Basically, Everton had 14 days to appeal Dan Gosling’s decision to leave Goodison Park after that now infamous contract cock-up. And using my memory and some mental arithmetic, I calculated that the 14 day appeal period will be up on Friday, although please feel free to correct me if I am wrong, which would indicate that we should have a new midfield player by the weekend, if it all comes off of course! (more…)

Newcastle should swoop for free agent Gai Assulin, but probably won’t!

July 2nd, 2010 | 128 Comments |

Gai Assulin on a free? Yes please.
Gai Assulin on a free? Yes please.
A bit of interest on the free transfer front today as Barcelona revealed that they would be releasing their Israeli utility player, Gai Assulin. And I believe that Newcastle should be trying all they can to sign him up as soon as soon as possible.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and before I get the deluded tag thrown around at me just hear me out. This is the kind of player that Newcastle should be looking at if they are to ensure their new transfer policy is to work, well in my opinion anyway. In fact it is the kind of player that the club have hinted that they themselves will be looking at with regard to fitting in with this new transfer blueprint, that blueprint being to buy players who won’t depreciate in value whilst they are here.

At only 19-years old and rated highly throughout Europe despite making only a handful of appearances for Barcelona, Assulin would not command a fantastic wage, which would be another tick in the ‘pro’ box from the clubs perspective. In the ‘con’ box however, would be some significant interest from a lot of other clubs for the player. But I guess that is a moot point as I very much doubt we would be going in for him, despite the fact that he ticks all the boxes, from a business perspective anyway. But why? (more…)

Hughton calls for trust as transfer saga rolls on.

June 21st, 2010 | 110 Comments |

Hughton calls for more patience.
Hughton calls for more patience.
Chris Hughton has today called for yet more patience from the Newcastle fans, and urged them to trust him in his endeavours to strengthen the squad over the summer.

The problem with that is that this transfer window is beginning to have an alarming air of similarity to what has happened in previous transfer windows. I can’t really blame fans for being sceptical as memories of the past kick in, but that is something that Hughton has to deal with and must understand. The fact that we as fans have been led around the garden path before is still fresh in the memory for some, and when they hear conflicting stories, or stories that there has been no progress behind the scenes, then the immediate thought is to look at the past form of the current management hierarchy, Hughton excluded of course. On the other hand, we do have to bear in mind what happened in January and I personally hope that the way we went about our business back then can be repeated. (more…)

Hughton making slow progress in the transfer market.

June 8th, 2010 | 52 Comments |

Hughton - Maintains there will be signings.
Hughton - Maintains there will be signings.
Chris Hughton has admitted that he is finding life tough in the transfer market as he sets about trying to strengthen the squad for the new Premier League season.

It’s very much a case of nothing new here, as Hughton repeated that the late June or early July time would see us most likely to make our moves in the transfer market, something that he has maintained for some time now. Nobody really knows, apart from those in the know, just what Hughton has to work with in terms of a transfer budget, although Luke Edwards of The Journal seems to think that transfer fees will be sanctioned if they represent a good deal for the club. Having said that, the lack of new faces is something that is becoming alarming for some fans who fear that this window will see us not strengthen at all. Although there is no need to worry, according to Hughton anyway. (more…)