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Will the Ben Arfa saga end today?

August 18th, 2010 | 247 Comments |

Ben Arfa - Decision time looms.
Ben Arfa - Decision time looms.
The whole will he/won’t he saga that has been the Ben Arfa transfer story looks like it could finally be coming to an end soon, and about bloody time to!

The whole episode has been a mess from start to finish and I, along with many others, would just like to see it settled one way or the other.

Rumours are rife at the moment as a whole host of potential suitors begin to creep out of the woodwork, according to the press anyway. Newcastle still have a chance of signing of him, although nothing will be definate until we see it with our own eyes on the official website. Who knows, there could yet be some twists and turns left yet! (more…)