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Is Pardew after The Entertainers Mk II?

May 20th, 2011 | 36 Comments |

David Ginola, Newcastle United Entertainers Mk I
More like Ginola perhaps?
Alan Pardew wants to recruit flair players to Newcastle United to get ‘bums off seats’.

Alan Pardew has previously expressed his desire to bring more ‘flair players’ into the team and he seems to be continuing in that vein with his recent comments. Pardew said:

Next year the most important thing is that we improve.

The period that I’ve been here has been fantastic with the size of our squad we’ve had.

We need some offensive players. One or two players that Newcastle have always had, gets bums off seats players, that little moment that lifts you.

Players like Beardsley, Gascoigne and Waddle but they’re expensive and difficult to purchase.

We’re competing with Champions League clubs to get those sorts of players.

Hopefully we can get one or two of those in and keep the basis of the squad we’ve got here who have been brilliant.

Securing the good players we’ve got here isn’t easy either, we need a squad big enough to attack one of the cups.

This year though we didn’t have a squad big enough, in the modern game you must have 20-22 quality players.(more…)