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Carroll, Westwood, Enrique, Larsson, Ireland – more rumours than Fleetwood Mac

January 30th, 2011 | 45 Comments |

Stephen Ireland, Newcastle target
Most likely rumour?
It’s the day before the transfer window closes and it’s a Sunday, which means it’s double trouble from the rumour mill at Newcastle United.

The first unsubstantiated rumour of the day is that, after having their ‘paltry’ £23m-£25m bid for Andy Carroll rejected, Spurs have been told by Newcastle that they must bid £30m to get the player. I find it hard to believe that Spurs have been told they must bid £30m or that they’d get Andy Carroll even if they did bid £30m.

Andy Carroll is of course for sale, despite insistence by the club heirarchy that he isn’t. Every player has some price which, if offered, would see him sold. But I think it’s the case that Andy Carroll isn’t for sale at any price that would be reasonably offered by a club this January.

The second unsubstantiated rumour of the day is that Newcastle are trying to sign Coventry keeper Keiren Westwood in a £500,000 deal. Westwood does have a good record, picking up various Player of the Season awards, but what about Tim Krul? Would we be looking at Westwood as our number two keeper ahead of Krul or our number three keeper behind him? And would Westwood move if it was the latter? (more…)