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Taylor and Carroll have “a great understanding”.

July 17th, 2010 | 182 Comments |

Carroll and Taylor - Happy together?
Carroll and Taylor - Happy together?
We haven’t heard anything from Steven Taylor for quite some time now, but that ended yesterday when he revealed contract talks were being held.

Now we are hearing from him again, which indicates that normal service is being resumed from him, about the whole Carroll/Taylor episode (aka Glassjawgate).

It has been a fertile source for rumour that one, but even now, six months on, the facts are still yet to be laid bare for all to see. We will probably never know what went on, unlike in the old days where information leaked out of the club on an almost daily basis. This is “no comment” Newcastle, and Steven Taylor agrees with that new ethos. (more…)

Steve Harper: Newcastle United “dying slow and painful death”.

July 13th, 2009 | 24 Comments |

Harper - 'Dying slow and painful death'
Harper - 'Dying slow and painful death'
Erstwhile Newcastle United goalkeeper, Steve Harper has given an interview on the current predicament currently facing the club. He told The Journal:

“It’s an awful situation which we cannot do anything about as players. The sooner it is resolved the better for everyone because we can start again.”

Harper then added:

“All we keep hearing is ‘Next few days, next few days, next few days’. Everybody – fans, players, staff – wants it resolved so we can rebuild this football club because we are in an awful state at the moment.

“We want it to be done and dusted so we know where we are and where we are going because at this moment the football club is dying a slow, painful death.

“We have to soldier on, but the sooner the better for everyone concerned – and most importantly for Newcastle United.”

Reflecting on the great catastrophe of last season, he went on:

“What happened last season was desperately, desperately disappointing.

“Just when you think there is an opportunity for this club to put itself right, this happens. (more…)