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Twittergate resolved – players issued with edict

August 5th, 2011 | 21 Comments |

Newcastle United players issued with Twitter guidelines.
No more Twits at Newcastle
On the back of Joey Barton’s Twittergate situation, Newcastle United get heavy by making it clear that using Twitter to attack the club is forbidden.

Inevitably, Newcastle United have laid down the law regarding Twitter and all players have been issued with strict guidelines as to what they can and cannot to on the loathsome application.

Basically, they’re not allowed to use it (or other social networking sites) to reveal ‘privileged’ information about the club that might give other clubs a competitive advantage and they can’t use it in a way which might undermine their colleagues at the club.

Joey Barton – along with all the players – has been given a letter from lawyers telling him that he’ll be in breach of contract if he uses to Twitter to comment on club affairs again so, unless he’s prepared to risk his salary, we’ve probably heard the last of his Tweets until he leaves the club. (more…)