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Life in the Championship vs life in the Premier League.

July 1st, 2010 | 54 Comments |

One of THE memorable scenes from last season.
One of THE memorable scenes from last season.
Earlier on I found my mind wandering, as it often does, but this time the smutty thoughts were firmly on the backburner as I found myself thinking about the fortunes of my team, both past and present.

Newcastle United are back in the big time. But for for me, departing the Championship has left me with a tinge of sadness, and a tinge of fear as I ponder what is to come next season.

This is not a rubbishing of my teams chances in the Premier League next season, in fact I believe we have it in us to stop up without massive investment. Rose-tinted? Perhaps, but it is what I believe we can do in what I believe is a very much over-hyped Premier League. The point that I am trying to look at here is the change in mindset between life in the Championship and life in the Premier League, and which mindset is better from a fans perspective. (more…)