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Newcastle United: Class of 1993 or 2010 – Which team is better?

April 14th, 2010 | 114 Comments |

The boys of '93: Better than the boys of 2010?
The boys of '93: Better than the boys of 2010?
It’s a simple question really. Out of the last two promoted Newcastle United sides, which one is better?

Here I am going to try to dissect the two sides and, with your help, try to come up with an answer for that question. Are the romantic memories of the Keegan side that won promotion back in 1993 clouding our view of the set of players we have now? Or is the current team stronger in some more vital areas?

I think from an achievement point of view then obviously the 1993 side trumps it, although the current side should not go without any merits. In fact in many ways the achievement of both teams are very similar. Whilst the current side looks like gaining more points than the 1993 side did, some will point to the fact that we should as our current squad contains more players that have played in the Premier League, get paid a lot more, and as such the expectation of a promotion charge is greater than that of the team of ’93 who were the great over-achievers in some ways. (more…)