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Hughton’s three main priorities: Promotion, promotion and promotion.

November 21st, 2009 | 13 Comments |

Hughton: Promotion first.
Hughton: Promotion first.
Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton, has been talking about bringing players into the club, either on loan or permanently. His main emphasis seems to be on promotion first, leaving the onerous task of building a squad that is fit for another long spell in the Premiership and beyond until that objective has been achieved. The mangerial maestro said:

“We are a third through the season, so it is difficult to be thinking about the Premier League,”

“I know it will continue to be very tough. Our one objective is to get through this campaign and gain promotion. If we are fortunate enough to get promoted I think there are issues which can be dealt with at that time.”

Of course, the issue of how much control Hughton has on who comes into the club has been something the thorny issue for some fans since Mike Ashley’s statement on having the “final say” (as all owner’s ultimately do anyway). Touching on this, Hughton remarked:

“I have been told it’s for me to identify the players I want. (more…)