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Toon 3 times better than last season?

November 9th, 2011 | 60 Comments |

Toon riding high but how does that compare to last season?
The table can't lie (can it?)
Newcastle United currently sit at 3rd in the Premier League, but how do the games we’ve played so far compare with last season?

Much has been wondered about whether we’re worthy of our 3rd place position. Not just from the usual suspects in the world of punditry who seem incapable of giving Newcastle much credit for anything, but we’ve had cause to wonder a bit ourselves.

There are too many variables to consider and the semantics of the word ‘worthy’ leaves too much open to subjective opinion to ever reach an objective conclusion about our ‘worthiness’. All we can say is that we’ve met the challenges that have been thrown our way so far.

But I had this burning urge to create an HTML table. Don’t knock it – it’s no more unusual than fancying a pork pie and rates fairly low in my list of insanities. So create a table I did and what it does is to compare last season to this season with the games we’ve played so far. (more…)