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How good was this transfer window?

September 1st, 2011 | 33 Comments |

An assessment of Newcastle United's summer 2011 transfer window.
The actual transfer window, allegedly
The lack of an incoming striker for Newcastle United has left many fans disgruntled, but how does it look all told?

Newcastle’s failure to bring in a striker in this latest transfer window has caused something of a furore with many fans and I’ll come to that later, but I just wanted to summarise the transfers and see where we stand.


We’re pretty much where we were in this respect, but with the addition of Rob Elliot. Forster wasn’t here last season and Pardew obviously took a look at him in the summer, decided that he could do without him and thusly allowed him to return to Celtic, which was what Forster wanted anyway.

I have no idea what Rob Elliot is like and neither do I know where he fits into the goalkeeping pecking order, although I assume it’s behind Krul and Harper.

I think we’re pretty much unchanged in this area, although I suspect we’ll find that Krul is now first choice ahead of Harper.


It’s almost like a straight swap with Jose Enrique leaving and Davide Santon arriving. I think Enrique was a good player and his link up work with Gutierrez along the left flank was excellent and – by reputation at least – Santon should be an effective replacement. Whether this particular player swap works out better or worse for us remains to be seen. (more…)

Spin, frustration and fear – a normal Toon transfer window?

August 18th, 2011 | 42 Comments |

Anybody else feeling like this?
Anybody else feeling like this?
With the exciting news of Rob Elliot’s alleged arrival at Newcastle United from Charlton, I’ve been asking myself several questions about current predicaments at St James’ Park.

Firstly, this is not Elliot’s fault and, if he does come here, I welcome him to Newcastle and wish him all the best.

Right, I could now relay my thoughts on to you dear reader, about the 7 month struggle to find a striker, no left-back and general rubbish I hear coming out of the club on a regular basis, but that would warrant at least 5 different 1000 word articles and I’d rather wait until after September 1st 2011 to vent my spleen.

Actually, I’ve changed my mind. Lets start with the left-back position…

In regards to our alleged pursuit of Erik Pieters, PSV technical director Marcel Brands has had this to say:

Since the weekend we have no news from England.

So quite what to make out of that is totally up to you, personally I can see this transfer not happening, simply because whoever it is who deals with negotiations at our club, has failed to notice we need a left-back in the squad NOW and not next week. I’m also sure Ashley probably thinks £6-7 million for a full Dutch international left-back is just ludicrous. Actually maybe it’s Llambias? Either way, it doesn’t bode well does it? (more…)