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Points over performance? Coventry game afterthoughts…

February 18th, 2010 | 27 Comments |

Another one for the Bensham Bomber.
Another one for the Bensham Bomber.
Apologies for tardiness but with one thing and another, I never got round to my “full report to follow” from last night’s report of the Newcastle v Coventry game. As a result I left out a lot of the gory details. No doubt you’ll have read other reports in the meantime but as I’ve not said much today, here’s what I thought…

Coventry City came to St James’ in some decent form but in all honesty never looked like they had much belief of getting anything out of the game. With Hughton reverting to the 4-4-2 formation that was so successful against Cardiff, but pairing Carroll with Lovenkrands instead of Best, there was a lot of promise of a repeat performance.

However, thirty minutes later and it looked like it might be a frustrating night with Guthrie’s blocked free kick from the edge being the closest we came to breaking the deadlock. Coventry set up stall and defended well and didn’t give us much of a sniff, although mercurial wing wizards Gutierrez and Routledge were just warming up their wands, so to speak. (more…)

Hughton backs Nolan.

February 16th, 2010 | 46 Comments |

Can he get his form back?
Can he get his form back?
It’s been a subject of much discussion in recent weeks, our central midfield and their performances, but it seems Chris Hughton is happy with the form of our current top scorer Kevin Nolan and has rebuffed any suggestion of resting the player from the punishing Championship schedule.

Kevin Nolan has looked out of sorts over the last 2 games but was particularly woeful in our last game at Swansea. Add to to that the fact his goals have somewhat dried up in recent times which is another reason why the thought of giving Nolan a rest is crossing people’s mind’s. Speaking on Nolan’s work on the pitch, Hughton said;

“It wasn’t one of his better games, but the stats show he did as much running as he normally does.”

“His physical contribution was no different but as with every player, there are ups and downs in form.” (more…)