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Simpson set to run down contract?

September 11th, 2011 | 11 Comments |

Contract negotiations between Newcastle and Danny Simpson may have broken down.
In the exit seat?
Right-back Danny Simpson will refuse to sign a new contract at Newcastle United according to rumours in the Sunday Sun.

The Sunday Sun (bless its heart) is reporting that contract negotiations have broken down between Danny Simpson and the club. The Sun alleges that the club have offered Simpson a 5-year contract and aren’t prepared to budge from their offer, but the offer is too low to interest Simpson and he will therefore not be signing it.

The Sun does not quote any sources of their information, it merely ‘understands’ that the situation is thus and they further suggest that Simpson will just run down his contract and leave at the end of it unless he is sold in the interim.

It’s all news to Pardew, though, and he insists it’s completely untrue. Pardew said:

He’s got a future here but he’s got a fight on his hands because Ryan Taylor has done terrific at left-back and now we’ve got Santon who can play both positions. So he needs to play well now.

I don’t know where the stuff about Danny Simpson came from. It’s totally untrue as far as I’m concerned, anyway.

Hmm, well forgive me if I doubt you Alan. (more…)