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Pardew: “Hello, we’ve got all this and now we’ve got these as well”

August 7th, 2011 | 27 Comments |

Pardew talks about Newcastle United's prospects for next season.
He speaketh again
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew thinks we’ll have a strong side once it settles down.

Alan Pardew may have been conspicuously silent up until the end of last week, but he’s making up for it now.

In an interview with The Sunday Sun, he has been countering his earlier, rather pessimistic statement – in which he intimated that Europe is beyond our grasp for financial reasons – with a slightly more upbeat assessment of things.

When asked about where he thinks we’ll finish this season, he said:

To be honest I’m not going down that line until such time as I see one or two players coming in. Our expectations I will gladly give you on August 31.

We need one or two in for the squad to say ‘Hello, we’ve got all this and now we’ve got these as well’.

Eh? Not really sure I understand that last bit, although it’s a cracking quote that had me spluttering Earl Grey for a while. Still, never mind, I’ll look forward to his estimate of our expectations on August 31st (I wonder if he fancies entering our Prediction Competition … I might email him). (more…)