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Archive for tag: Newcastle United’s summer 2011 transfer window.

Toon to announce excuse later – Best to plug the hole for now

September 2nd, 2011 | 68 Comments |

Leon Best now Newcastle United's first choice striker?
Shush, just like the club
Newcastle United must now face post-transfer window life and we’ll just have to get on with it. Apparently the club are due to make some sort of announcement today to explain their transfer window failures.

Newcastle United Limited has so far remained silent about the club’s failure to recruit a much-needed striker during the transfer window. Even Alan Pardew – a man not known for being backward in the tongue-wagging department – has had nothing to say.

However, they will apparently make some sort of official statement later today.

Presumably they’ve now had sufficient time to think up an excuse, probably along the lines of “we tried our best”, “we’re not paying over the odds” and “last minute rejections by other clubs”. I think we pretty much know what it’s going to say. (more…)

How this transfer window will end for Newcastle

August 23rd, 2011 | 25 Comments |

Will Ashley's financial gambles pay off?
Paranoid? Or are we out to get him?
How will this summer’s transfer window end for Newcastle United? This humble writer thinks it will end with a gamble.

I can tell you how I think the transfer window will end for us and that’s with a mad dash on deadline day to try and get someone on the cheap.

It’s possible that we might recruit somebody before next Wednesday but I’d be very surprised if we get both a striker and a left-back before then.

Ashley seems to have this fear that we’re being ripped off because other clubs know we need particular players but personally I think that’s hogwash. If any club puts in a bid it’s because they think they need a player – why would they be bidding otherwise?

Some clubs need players and other clubs are prepared to sell players – that’s what football transfers are all about. Both clubs will try to get the best price they can and we’re no different from other clubs in that respect. (more…)