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Newcastle United v Bolton Wanderers match report.

February 26th, 2011 | 11 Comments |

Cue the Chicken dance! Nolan scores.
Cue the Chicken dance! Nolan scores.
This game started with something of a disappointment as it was revealed that one of Newcastle United’s talismen, Joey Barton, could not start the game.

He was due to take his usual role in the starting line up, however he had to be replaced due to some kind of malady. His replacement, Ryan Taylor, was to have a big influence on the game later on, though perhaps not in the way that the fans would have preferred. More on that later though.

Back to the beginning, it was Bolton who kicked off towards the the Gallowgate. They made a lively start to a game which started at a fairly frantic pace with action at both ends. Within the first minute or two, Bolton were winning a corner and forcing a slightly fumbled save from Steve Harper. It was Newcastle who had the first real chance in the game though, with Best doing some nice work to cut in past Bolton’s Marcos Alonso and get in a left foot shot which wasn’t very wide of the goal at all. (more…)