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Nile Ranger looking good, but can he step up to Premier League level?

July 22nd, 2010 | 151 Comments |

Can he kick it? Errm...
Can he kick it? Errm...
Nile Ranger has returned to pre-season with a bang, scoring two goals in two games, but does he have what it takes to step up to life in the Premier League?

It seems like a lot of our squad have a point to prove this season.

Whether that point is proving that they are good enough to not get relegated again or to prove that they can actually play at the highest level, they all have something to prove to the fans, and most importantly, to themselves.

One of the players who is looking to establish himself is Nile Ranger, who has been chirping on today about how he relishing the opportunity of testing himself at the highest domestic level and how he is here because he wants to play, not because he wants to make up the numbers. (more…)