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Can Ranger be the game changer?

December 15th, 2010 | 111 Comments |

Time for Ranger to start?
Time for Ranger to start?
I thought I’d use this brief break between working shifts to pen my thoughts on Nile Ranger.

Ranger impressed at the weekend, and there is a suggestion that perhaps it was his introduction that tipped balance of power in our favour and allowed us to go on and get the win against Liverpool.

The performance that Ranger put in during his 30 minute cameo appearance has led to calls for him to start the game this weekend when we head to Birmingham City. What I want to know is whether or not you guys think he should get the nod to start? Or whether he should be kept as a secret weapon to be used in the later stages of the game to expose some tired legs?

Personally, I think his time has come. His performance and effort against Liverpool certainly warrants it, and I fell that the time, and opposition, is right to enable Ranger to get the go ahead and start up front with Andy Carroll. (more…)

Nile Ranger looking good so far.

October 20th, 2010 | 32 Comments |

Nile Ranger - Ready for action?
Nile Ranger - Ready for action?
Nile Ranger has been somewhat of a revelation this season, well in my view he has anyway.

We saw last season that the lad can play a bit, but that was The Championship. His hold up play was immense for a lad of his of his age and he showed some pace and power to compliment that.

If there was one criticism of the lad, other than his alleged attitiude and ‘badass’ behaviour off the pitch, then it would have to be his goalscoring record. For all of his hard work and endeavour he very rarely got himself into scoring positions, and when he did he never looked confident of scoring, all in my opinion of course so please feel free to disagree with me.

That appears to have changed this season and Ranger has been setting the reserves alight with his goals, and assists, and he hasn’t done too bad when he has been called upon by first-team in the Carling Cup either. (more…)