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Is someone telling porkies?

June 25th, 2011 | 27 Comments |

Are Newcastle United even planning to sell Coloccini?
No bids, but is he up for sale anyway?
Much confusion abounds at Newcastle United about the futures of Joey Barton, Jonas Gutierrez and Fabricio Coloccini, but it seems that a lot of the confusion has come about from one quote and an awful lot of hearsay.

Micky Quinn sparked up a bit of a storm recently by saying that he knew through a third party that Arsenal have enquired about Joey Barton. To be fair he didn’t say what they’d enquired about and maybe Arsene just wants Joey to feed his fish while he’s on holiday, although it’s reasonable to assume Quinn was talking about Arsenal enquiring about Joey’s availability for transfer.

This caused much discussion – particularly on Gunners’ fan boards – about whether or not Barton’s Arsenal material, how much he would cost and suchlike and so forth.

On top of that we had the Journal claiming that Jonas Gutierrez was next for the chop and then – somehow – Coloccini was added in as a potential leaver for good measure.

Yet with all three of these players there’s very little in the way of evidence to suggest that they’re either for sale or have attracted interest from other clubs, and at the end of last week a flurry of reports appeared suggesting that Newcastle have received no enquiries about Barton, Coloccini and Gutierrez. (more…)