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A story about a hypothetical football club owner

February 1st, 2011 | 151 Comments |

A Stonefish
A Stonefish
A fictional story about a man who bought a football club.

Let’s assume you own a football club that you bought rashly, taking on more debt than you anticipated. Let’s also assume that you have some financial acumen and do a half reasonable job of bringing the wayward finances under control, although you make the mistake of thinking you know something about football too and make a few howlers of decisions in that respect during the first few years of club ownership.

Let’s also assume for the sake of agument that you have employed a managing director who seems to have no obvious uses.

Now, let’s assume that you’ve bank-rolled your club a fair bit more than excepected, particularly on the back of a season in the Championship. And let’s finally assume that you have a striker who’s a hot prospect and may just offer you a way to get your money back. The thing is, though, there are a few problems with getting rid of him. (more…)