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Newcastle United: Transfers & Next Season Expectations

August 6th, 2020 | No Comments |

Yoshinori Muto
Yoshinori Muto – One of the favourites to leave.
The recent collapse of the Saudi-led takeover of Newcastle United has left Magpies’ supporters in a state of limbo.

Owner Mike Ashley is believed to still be eager to offload the club, although fans will undoubtedly feel that they have heard it all before.

The £300 million deal was still being scrutinised by the Premier League when the bidders withdrew, sparking an outpouring of sadness across the fanbase.

With the news likely to have a major impact on the club’s ability to compete in the transfer market, we take a closer look at the job manager Steve Bruce now faces.

Time to Cull the Deadwood.


Toon fans give their thoughts on Cabaye

September 1st, 2013 | 91 Comments |

NUFC Blog on
NUFC Blog on
It was disappointing yet sadly predictable to see some fans at St James’ Park booing Yohan Cabaye on his to action on Saturday, even though they still didn’t know the exact reasons for his absence from Newcastle United’s first two Premier League games. But now I’ve got that off my chest, it’s time to tell you that my latest blog on is now up!

Entitled “The Yohan Cabaye affair: What the fans think” most of it was actually written by you lot out there! As some of you know already, I posted this blog last Friday asking readers of the site to give your thoughts on the Cabaye transfer imbroglio, and as usual, you gave some excellent responses! They ranged right through the spectrum, from those who believe he actually went on strike, should be banished to the reserves and made to publically apologise to fans, right through to those who thought the strike story was yet another trick to put the blame on the player instead of the club like as they did with the Andy Carroll transfer and several others. (more…)

Louise Taylor lies in the gutter.

April 11th, 2010 | 229 Comments |

Taylor: Muckraking hypocrite.
Taylor: Muckraking hypocrite.
Football’s most risible muckraker, The Guardian’s North East football correspondent, Louise Taylor, has declared war on football supporters with computers who have the nerve to queer her own pitch; spreading specious tittle tattle and general nastiness about virtually anyone associated with Newcastle United football club.

Obviously distressed by the competition, her latest piece of astoundingly hypocritical venom is entitled “Blog standard lies in the gutter”. It concentrates on Louise’s latest hobby horse, the alleged incident between Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor and also a recent rumour about Aston Villa’s manager, Martin O’Neill which have allegedly been doing the rounds on Aston Villa sites recently. I’ll leave that section for the Villa fans to get furious about, and concentrate on the latest chapter of Taylor’s hateful screed about Newcastle United, it’s staff and it’s supporters.

After casually describing football supporters (her own readers) and the ‘web as an “increasingly noxious mix” who should have their fingers taped together every time they go near a keyboard, she then smears us all by association with the tags of racism and homophobia. As she has in all her stories in the past few weeks, she then moves on to her own latest smear story, which she simply will not shut up about, her mischief making about the “ALLEGED altercation” between Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor. In what could be a remarkably accurate description of her own jaundiced drivel, she rants: (more…)

Gossip du jour… (updated).

June 10th, 2009 | 75 Comments |

Profitable Group logo.
Profitable Group logo.
City of London sources pouring cold water on claims from a Singapore-based company, the Profitable Group, that it has held talks with Ashley about a £100m buy-out, a UK-based consortium and an American grouping remain the two parties most likely to buy Newcastle. (Michael Walker – The Independent) Link>>

John Gaunt, the Chief Exective Officer of Singapore’s “Profitable Group” has said on his companies reported wish to buy Newcastle United “We are aware of the reports but we have no comment to make at the moment” (Ossian Shine – Reuters UK). (more…)