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Calling all the heroes.

June 8th, 2009 | 82 Comments |

Calling out the heroes.They’re shooting up the town, boys.

No, this isn’t some sentimental reflection on It Bites’ hit of the ’80’s. I’m referring to those heroes in black and white. Which ones, I hear you ask. They seem to be in very short supply of late.

So what makes someone a hero anyway? Well I could be here all night discussing the reasons why some people idolise others. As far as Newcastle United heroes go, they’re effectively famous and idolised as soon as they pull on that black and white shirt for the first time (but for a few minor exceptions). What they do on and off the pitch after that will go along way to deciding whether they remain heroes or not. So why do some players seem to care more than others about their place in the world as a modern day hero to the army of Mags? (more…)