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Runners and Riders.

June 12th, 2009 | 63 Comments |

Rick Porky Parkinson - can his legs carry his weight over the line?
Rick Porky Parkinson
Well another day, another buyer is announced.  Who as the runners and riders emerge into the paddocks, who will we see be presented with the winners medal.

So far the horses to emerge into the paddock:


I predict a riot.

June 9th, 2009 | 35 Comments |

S.S. Toon yesterday.
S.S. Toon yesterday.
Sorry, I don’t know why my article headlines are inspired by the music industry. I guess there are many fitting titles out there for the current state of the club, come to think of it. Anyway, that’s not where this is going.

Look back two years to the month – June 2007 and Mike Ashley buys Sir John Hall’s 41.6% stake in the club and before you know it, he’s bought up the whole lot by July. Our new incumbent looking to the future with an impressive CV, ambition, fresh ideas, a loaded wallet and here to have fun apparently. Oh how did it all go so horribly wrong? (more…)

Et tu, Bruté?

June 8th, 2009 | 30 Comments |

caesar Scene 1: Rome 44B.C. Julius Caesar was fighting off an attack by a murderous group of Senators – “Et tu, Bruté?” (meaning “and you Brutus?”) were the words uttered by Caesar to his closest friend Marcus Brutus – when Caesar saw that he too was involved with the murderous group. Caesar lost his will to fight back on seeing the betrayal and allowed the Mob to cut him and kill him. It was the ultimate betrayal by a man who Caesar had loved as a brother.

Scene 2: Newcastle 2007

Mike Ashley buys Newcastle and appoints Dennis Wise as a club Director: (more…)

NUFC Statement.

June 8th, 2009 | 12 Comments |

Newcastle United today made an official statement regarding the sale of the club. It reads as follows.

“The board of Newcastle United can today confirm that the club is up for sale at the price of £100 million.

Interested parties should contact Newcastle United at (or Keith Harris at Seymour Pierce) for further details.

The club will not be making any further comment at the present time.”

Comments welcome.