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Newcastle United : My Favourite Waste of Time.

July 13th, 2009 | 3 Comments |

Who said this was meant to be fun?
Who said this was meant to be fun?
I’m just about beaten into submission because of this sale saga and to be fair there’s not a great deal to write about so I’m changing tack. Clearly this could be seen as reverse psychology, in the hope we’ll hear something the moment I publish this. Yeah you’re right, probably not.

Anyway, rather than recount numerous currently unsubstantiated rumours about who our owners will be, or state for the umpteenth time what a mess we’re in, or how next season is going to be a disaster. Let’s instead, attempt to look back fondly at our relationship with Newcastle United. Specifically, let’s look back at a particular game that really stands out in your memory as being the game you most enjoyed. Could be for any reason – the journey, the result, the overall experience, whatever. (more…)