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Fans right to send SOS to Mike Ashley?

June 29th, 2009 | 108 Comments |

We're looking for fan's favourite potential manager - our survey says....
We asked the fans who they want as manager, our survey said...
I guess it was inevitable that it would happen, should Friday come and go without any further update on the progress of the club’s sale, even with the salt taken on the speculation of a proposed ‘meet’ about the sale.

And so it would seem some of us have had quite enough of sitting around waiting and the NUSC have put together a new campaign.

They are urging Mike Ashley, to do what they see as the right thing for the sake of the club’s short term future. The ‘right thing’ in their eyes is to appoint Alan Shearer as manager. (more…)

Wor Al protests: What are they thinking?

June 27th, 2009 | 74 Comments |

Bedsheets oot for wor Al this time?
Bed-sheets oot for wor Al this time?
So; the NUSC (Newcastle United Supporter’s Club) have issued a call to arms, calling for Mike Ashley to immediately appoint Alan Shearer as manager.

Speaking on the planned wor Al insurgency, NUSC spokesman Colin Whittle said:

“The time has come to show the outside world that the supporters of Newcastle United are ready to move on and get behind the club.

“We believe that the appointment of Alan Shearer would send out a massive signal to potential buyers and, most importantly, the fans, who have so far been ignored.”

Hmm, what signal would that be exactly? That they want to scare off all potential bidders with their bellicose demands and threats, and keep Ashley as the owner of the club, perhaps?

Speaking of a potential future takeover bid of the new owners (whoever they may be), Whittle goes on to add: (more…)