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Turf wars

July 23rd, 2011 | 10 Comments |

Turf trouble ahead of Newcastle's game against Orlando.
Turf ripped up
Pitch problems needed to be solved ahead of Newcastle United’s pre-season game against Orlando this evening.

It seems there are a few problems with the pitch at Orlando. Apparently the Orlando team usually play on astro-turf (not be confused with Astro Boy) but Pardew wasn’t keen on that idea due to its alleged proclivity for producing injuries. So Orlando owner Phil Rawlins spent a six figure sum getting real turf laid for tonight’s game.

However, after a pitch inspection today, both teams have agreed that they don’t particularly fancy the freshly rolled pitch after all.

It was thought that Rawlins might acquire a magic carpet from Orlando’s ‘Olde Shoppe of Inexplicable Items’ to play on but, alas, they’d sold out, so it looks like they’re going to have to put the astro-turf (not to be confused with Batman) back.

As a result, Pardew may have to rethink his team selection for tonight and it’s thought he may opt to leave Demba Ba and Steve Harper on the sidelines in case the synthetic pitch affects their troublesome knees in some way, although Bolton played on the astro-turf (not to be confused with Deputy Dawg) last week without any problems. (more…)

Orlando City v Newcastle United match preview (ish)

July 23rd, 2011 | 6 Comments |

Orlando City v Newcastle United 2011
Destination Florida
In the second of their three-leg American pre-season tour, Newcastle United face Orlando City tonight.

Our pre-season tour of the States continues with a game against Orlando City Soccer today. With much of America gripped in a heatwave – and Florida’s pretty hot and humid in normal circumstances anyway – the game will be another tough test of the team’s fitness.

Pardew said that, whilst the heat was an issue to contend with, he thought that playing in it would be beneficial to the squad in the long run:

The heat is definitely an issue.

No matter where we play in America, it will be hot. We can’t do anything about that, we just have to play in whatever weather that day has in store for us.

It is not unusual,” said Pardew, doing a commendable impersonation of Tom Jones. “I saw the light of the night that I past by her window,” he added, trying to perfect the voice.* (more…)

Newcastle’s pre-season tour of The States

May 19th, 2011 | 20 Comments |

Sporting Kansas City
20th July
Newcastle United’s pre-season tour of The States includes matches in Kansas City, Orlando and Columbus.

Newcastle’s pre-season fixture list includes a tour of the United States, with three matches lined up.

On Wednesday 20th July 2011 the Toon take on Sporting Kansas City at the Livestrong Sporting Park, Kansas. The stadium is brand new, allegedly costing $200m, and Sporting Kansas City actually managed to beat Manchester United last summer.

SKC are in the top US league, having been there since the league’s inception in 1996, and having won that league three times. Ex-Millwall, Palace and Southampton striker/midfielder Ryan Smith plays for them. (more…)