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The Darlington bust-up: reports, interviews and video

July 16th, 2011 | 47 Comments |

Barton turns peace-maker during pitch invasion at Darlington v Newcastle.
Barton acted as peace-maker
Trouble at the Darlington v Newcastle United pre-season friendly receives condemnation from the press and the clubs themselves.

It seems the Darlington nonsense has (rightly) received a fair bit of condemnation. Pitch invasions are never welcomed these days and it does nothing good for the reputations of either Newcastle United or Darlington.

From what I can gather it started as a ‘light-hearted’ invasion with smiles all round and then turned nasty. The rozzers reported it as follows:

There has been a crowd of more than 9,700, which is significantly more than expected based on ticket sales.

Everything was peaceful until Newcastle scored their second goal and a pitch incursion occurred which was high spirited but not violent.

A further pitch incursion of around 20 to 30 people followed – a Newcastle supporter being escorted from the ground and three Newcastle supporters were arrested for pitch incursion.

The game ended without incident and crowds have subsequently dispersed.(more…)