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The next three games will shape our season.

October 5th, 2010 | 41 Comments |

Martinez brings his Wigan team to Toon next.
Martinez brings his Wigan team to Toon next.
Whilst I think it’s fair to say that Newcastle haven’t always got what they have deserved this season in terms of points, the fact is that we can’t change that now.

The games that we have played have gone now, and now the focus has to shift to what is in front of us and not what could have been.

Next up, after another irritating international break, will be Wigan at home, and that is a game that we simply have to take three points from. We can’t afford to keep slipping up against teams that are likely to be around us come the end of the season. The kind of slip-ups that we witnessed against Blackpool and Stoke cannot be repeated if Newcastle are to harbour any real intention of staying in the Premier League beyond this season.

It sounds harsh, but in my opinion it’s true. Newcastle simply must start putting points on the board. You could argue that we have played well anough to deserve points at Manchester City and at home to Blackpool all you want, but the fact is that we didn’t get anything. (more…)

Premier League? You’re having a laugh!

June 5th, 2010 | 134 Comments |

Awaiting fixture news..... and still waiting...
Awaiting fixture news..... and still waiting...
In less than two weeks time the new Premier League fixture list will be released, and it is at that point that we will officially become a Premier League club again.

Thursday 17th June is the date you should enter into your diaries, with 10am being the expected time of release. Where will we begin? Will we be at home or away? Will our first game be aganist a top team like Chelsea or Mnachester United? Will we get a game where we actually stand a decent chance of winning? All of that will soon be known, and naturally you can keep on top of the fixture news here on

From a personal point of view, I don’t care. The Premier League can take a run and jump for all it matters to me. Over the last few years the whole notion of the Premier League has moved away from being there for fans. I’m a fan, what about me? Money, money, money is what it’ all about. It’s the name of the game, well it isn’t really, it’s actually football but you all know what I meant, plus I wanted to squeeze another ABBA song title in there. (more…)