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We are top of the league!

August 18th, 2010 | 211 Comments |

Michael Owen arriving for training last year.
Michael Owen arriving for training last year.
Settle down, settle down, I’m talking about the injury league table!

Funny old world isn’t it? Last season we pretty much breezed through the season picking up relatively few injuires along the way. Strange considering we were used to having a pretty full treatment room in the Premier League.

But our return to Premier League action has signalled more than just the return of trips to Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea, it has brought with it a return to our usual spot at the top of the injury league table.

For a good few years now, Newcastle fans have had to bemoan the fact that injuries seemed to strike us more than other teams. Time and time again, the same offenders were repeatedly ruled out. Michael Owen and Marcelino spring to mind as probably two of our worst culprits for missing games, although there have been more than just those two in fairness. (more…)