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Do I hear £100m?

June 18th, 2009 | 11 Comments |

Freddy Shepherd
Fat Freddy: Still looming over the club.
Reports coming through from questionable sources that Ashley has received his first bid for the club. It’s not clear yet what that bid is or indeed which of the alleged parties in the consortia have lodged it and obviously whether or not it’s a legitimate bid.

It’s implied that it could well be The Profitable Group, who were thought to have ungrounded optimism in recent weeks but who have now been associated with Freddy Shepherd, probably a link made by journalists to the ‘local people’ involved with their company.

As with all speculation about this club and particularly under this regime, it’s always healthy to have a huge bag of salt to throw on rumours. However, there’s generally no smoke without fire so even if the details are wide of the mark, there’s a good chance that something is happening. (more…)

Statement from the Profitable Group. Who is telling the truth?

June 10th, 2009 | 23 Comments |

The Profitable Group's Kenny Dalglish
The Profitable Group's Kenny Dalglish
Newcastle United.

“The Profitable Group can confirm that it has expressed an initial interest in acquiring Newcastle United. A preliminary discussion with the representatives appointed to handle the sale of the club has been held but contrary to some reports no direct talks have been held with either the Owner, Mike Ashley, or the Chairman, Derek Llambias.

The Group consider the leaking of The Group’s interest in this matter unfortunate, and as supporters of Newcastle United seek only to serve in the best interests of the club, the fans and the local community. (more…)

The Profitable Group will build from the black.

June 9th, 2009 | 21 Comments |

Ex Liverpool midfielder and Profitable Group represetative, Steve McMahon.
Profitable Group represetative, Steve McMahon.
Many a successful team plays out of their back four. It would seem our potential and apparently popular suitors, The Profitable Group, would instead be building from the ‘black’. Quotes from The Telegraph ‘insider’ as opposed to a ‘spokesperson’, tell us that this group is financially responsible and see it as imperative to consolidate our debts and clean up the balance sheet and presumably ensure we’re self-sufficiently funded, should they gain ownership.

TPG – (more…)