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Have ‘Time4Change’ lost their chance to seize the day?

November 17th, 2013 | 74 Comments |

NUFC Blog on
NUFC Blog on
My latest piece on was published earlier today.

Entitled ‘Have two Newcastle United victories cost ‘Time4Change’ their momentum?,’ as you might have guessed from the title, it takes a look at the Newcastle United ‘Time4Change’ movement.

In the piece I ask if they are now in danger of losing their momentum after their first march almost a month ago, which made more of an impact than they might have imagined due to Mike Ashley’s childish and ludicrous overreaction to their little stroll through Newcastle before the game with Liverpool on 19th October.

You can find it by following the link below.

Have two Newcastle United victories cost ‘Time4Change’ their momentum?


Doth We Protest Too Much?

August 4th, 2011 | 63 Comments |

Will protest oust Ashley and Llambias from Newcastle United?
Do they care about fan protests?
The Joey Barton escapade continues to rumble at Newcastle United with some fans asking whether or not some sort of protest would help.

It is very difficult to avoid this Joey Barton situation at the moment. A good 90%+ of the Newcastle United coverage for the last few days had been about him and his infernal Twitter machine, which has depressed me and made me wonder if it was worth chewing through the leather straps to get on here and post this morning.

Ironic, then, that I’m going to post about it too.

Joey seems to have induced an air of protest amongst many Toon fans, such as that suggested by my esteemed fellow writer. But I must say I have my reservations and since we don’t have such things as editorial policies on this ‘blog, I’ll bore you with my views on the subject.

I think any protest needs to be designed as an effective step towards some clear end result or it merely serves as a disjointed expression of anger. Some people might feel better from the emotional release it affords but it may not achieve anything towards the actual goal. (more…)