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Carroll, Morrison, Hoilett and Zaha. All rumours – no action yet.

January 12th, 2012 | 27 Comments |

Zaha allegedly a Newcastle United target.
Zaha allegedly a Newcastle United target
Rumours abound about Andy Carroll, Ravel Morrison, Junior Hoilett and Wilfried Zaha but so far there has been no action from Newcastle United in this transfer window.

After yesterday’s rumours about Andy Carroll‘s potential return to Newcastle, people have been queueing up to dismiss it all as twaddle. Apparently Newcastle have denied they’ve had any contact at all with Liverpool about Carroll and Carroll himself allegedly Twitted that it was rubbish, although the only quoted denial I could find was from Kenny Dalglish, who yesterday said:

Och aye the noo, I am worried about the people that invent these rumours. They have absolutely no foundation whatsoever. I don’t need to justify what is in the paper. I have stood up – and always will stand up – for the players.

And yet the rumours seem to persist and a lot of the press still think Carroll will eventually return to Newcastle, possibly at the end of the season. Make what you will of it! (more…)