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Pardew: Mike can’t afford to save us from another relegation

August 3rd, 2013 | 33 Comments |

Alan Pardew fist pumping.
Pardew – Fist pumping his way back to the top ten?
Speaking exclusively to Sports Direct News, Alan Pardew saluted Mike Ashley’s “bravery” in saving Newcastle United from the Championship, but also suggested that he may not be able to do it a second time should the club be relegated again.

He also revealed that without the handicap of European football in the coming season, though his first aim will be to avoid relegation, he will be ambitious and go for a top ten finish or possibly even higher. Though how he could aim higher than the top ten, he didn’t explain.

“I think realistically we should look to finish in the top ten and hopefully get ourselves in a position where we can attack higher than that” said the Silver Supremo, adding:

“When it gets to February we’ll have a clearer indication of where we’re going to be.”

Pardew then spoke of how it is relief from the pressures of European football, along with good players which has enabled him to aim so high after last season’s disappointing 16th: (more…)

Standing Room Only (part two).

June 16th, 2009 | 21 Comments |

The glamour of it all.
The glamour of it all.
With the fixtures for next season due to be published tomorrow, it’s a nasty reminder that we need to be ready for battle to commence in just seven weeks time.

How scary is that? With a club up for sale, no manager, no assistant manager, possibly no first team coaches, all the first team squad currently up for sale, no preseason friendlies organised, no communication from the club, NUFC a national laughing stock, we really are up the proverbial creek without a paddle. (more…)