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Toon bits and pieces. Ashley’s new regime. No Sol. No Adidas.

November 3rd, 2009 | 34 Comments |

Appointed permanently
Appointed permanently
Who sang Twilight Cafe in 1981? Ah, hang on, not that sort of ‘bits and pieces’. No indeed, just some bits and pieces about Newcastle United from the last few days that haven’t managed to get their own article.

Much has been said of Hughton’s now permanent role as manager for the rest of this season and the next one, but it’s probably worth mentioning that Colin Calderwood has taken up a similar length contract as Hughton’s assistant. Calderwood recently turned down a job at Tranmere Rovers to remain at Newcastle working alongside Hughton. Hughton said:

Once I had my own deal sorted, the first thing I did was to get Colin sorted and he will continue now in the same role.

Colin has been fantastic. He is someone I have known for a long time and someone I trust very much. He is an experienced football manager and that is a huge help. He’s also a fantastic coach and someone the players respect. But we’re both delighted to have this opportunity and we’re fully focussed on achieving promotion.” (more…)