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Moat bids £80m, which is really £60m cash. Fans try to bash Ash.

October 25th, 2009 | 124 Comments |

Ashley - in the red corner
Ashley - in the red corner
Apparently Barry Moat tabled an £80m bid for Newcastle United on Friday and Mike Ashley had to be saved from angry fans by stewards during the away match to Scunny.

Divven get too excited though – it’s News of the World time again.

First, Barry Moat’s bid. Sport of the World has apparently ‘learned’ that Barry Moat put in an £80m bid for Newcastle on Friday after being given the go-ahead by his financial backers.

It seems this bid consists of £60m down plus a finance package to appease Barclays Bank which will see Moat inject another £20m into the club immediately.

I’m a bit confused by the newspaper’s claims here because surely that’s a £60m bid as far as Mike Ashley is concerned isn’t it? Which of course he’ll most probably refuse. Anyway, Moat was supposed to have been promised a decision on Friday but it seems Ashley has since asked for a few more days to consider Moat’s offer. (more…)

We need to wake up according to Enrique.

October 20th, 2009 | 50 Comments |

"It's time we woke up now"
"It's time we woke up now"
Following Newcastle United’s defeat at the hands of Forest on the weekend, Jose Enrique has been hitting out at the team’s lack of form.

Enrique said:

It’s time that we woke up now.

We have been top of the table, which is good, but we need to wake up because we haven’t been playing very well.

We can’t think we’re in the Premier League – it’s not true.

We’ve played only 12 games, and there are 34 games left.

The team haven’t played very well in the last three games – we have two points from nine.”

True enough. We’ve got a game away at Scunthorpe tonight and then home to Doncaster on the weekend. We really should be winning these games against lower table opposition if we’re going to sustain our promotion push. (more…)