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Coloccini sparks Seville interest?

July 18th, 2011 | 61 Comments |

Seville are interested in Newcastle United defender Fabricio Coloccini.
Back to Spain? Not likely!
The new Newcastle United captain receives interest from Spain about a possible transfer.

According to the Spanish press, Seville are interested in trying to take Fabricio Coloccini from Newcastle but please see my footnote regarding this story.

Seville face a few problems in this respect, the first being that Newcastle don’t seem to want to sell him, which is particularly obvious by the fact that he’s just been appointed as captain for next season.

The second problem is that Seville are apparently not exactly flush with money at the moment and – according to the hacks in Spain – Newcastle are unlikely to consider any offer less than the £10.3m (€13m-ish) that they paid for him, if indeed they would even consider that. On top of that they would also have to be able to afford his wages and they’re estimated to be £80k/week+.

So it would seem like a non-starter.

However, while Coloccini’s agent – Marcelo Lombilla – admits it would be a difficult transfer to engineer, he has not completely written off the idea, saying:

It is not to say that the player cannot end up playing for Sevilla, for he is proud that a club of this calibre are interested in signing him. But to be realistic about the situation – although the player spent some great years in Spain and I could try, it would not be a simple operation.(more…)