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Sheffield Owls fans hoot with derision as Geoff Sheard enters Toon farce.

August 25th, 2009 | 31 Comments |

Uncle Fester meets Collina?
Uncle Fester meets Collina?
North West sports businessman, Geoff Sheard has sensationally entered the race (if you could call it that) to buy Toon. Sheard was also involved in a unsuccessful bid to buy fellow struggling giant, Sheffield Wednesday in 2008.

Newcastle United’s Managing director, Derek Llambias gave some substance to the reports when he confirmed that Sheard is in contact with Seymour Pearce’s Keith Harris, who is brokering the sale. Llambias said:

“Geoff is dealing with Keith Harris and we are still waiting for proof of funds.”

However, the Sheffield bid was a long drawn out affair with no satisfactory conclusion, and it emerged that Sheard for merely a figurehead for other, secret interests, and was putting no money of his own into the bid. Darryl Keys, then chairman of ‘Wednesdayite’, a Sheff Wed fans group with a 10% share of the club said at the time (in terms eerily familiar to Newcastle supporters at present):

“The club can’t stay in limbo forever. We’ve had lots of assurances but no clarity or verifiable evidence that he can conclude the deal. (more…)

Do Toon fans give a hoot about Sheff Wed game?

August 18th, 2009 | 6 Comments |

Football focus
Football focus
At this rate, tomorrow night’s game against Sheff Wed is likely only to be important to many Newcastle fans for three reasons. It’ll either be staged after a takeover in the morning, it’ll be over-shadowed by a takeover on the night or it’ll be closely followed by a takeover at some point in the near future. That’s if we get taken over of course (but positive thinking and all that).

So an outsider reading blogs and forums, could be forgiven for thinking that we’ve lost the focus again after we found it at the weekend. Saturday was all about the good things in football. A fine tribute to Sir Bobby, his protégé netting his first hat-trick, while we won 3-0 at a relative canter to lift the mood on Tyneside albeit briefly. However, no sooner was the celebration of that victory over, than further rumour and speculation sought to dampen what little spirit we cling to.

Uncle Jimmy who knows Gav at the bookies who is married to Jean who cuts the hair of John, Barry Moat’s window-cleaner, and he heard that Barry will be in by Wednesday, Shearer is in charge, nobody else is leaving but players are coming in, ticket prices are down, season ticket holders will be given soft cushions and the drinks are on him. (more…)