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Europe calling the Toon?

August 3rd, 2010 | 100 Comments |

Campbell is aiming for Europe... Hmmm...
Campbell is aiming for Europe... Hmmm...
It seems that the delusion at Newcastle isn’t just restricted to a certain amount of fans like the press would have us believe.

Now the players are getting in on the act aswell, especially after the latest claim from Sol Campbell that the club should be aiming for Europe this season.

The expectation of most fans is to survive this season. In fact I’m willing to bet that if 17th position was offered right now we would snap their hand off for it, agreed? That should be the minimum of what we are aiming for, right? Well it seems that our latest signing has his sights set higher than that, quite a bit higher in fact, and believes that the squad we have are capable of that. (more…)