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Ireland debut in doubt?

April 16th, 2011 | 20 Comments |

Stephen Ireland and girlfriend
The gifi of the gab goes a long way
Stephen Ireland’s first appearance in the famous black and white stripes may be in doubt after his girlfriend, Jessica Lawlor, suffered a broken ankle and internal bleeding after a car accident last weekend. She had been travelling home from a night out with a friend when the car veered off road and into an unsuspecting tree.

The tree is said to be fine, albeit a little shaken up.

She was released a mere two days after the crash and was taken back to the family home in Cheshire, but on Wednesday her condition worsened and was rushed back into hospital. The spokesperson for the couple said:

It was a pretty bad smash and Jessica has got a lot of internal swelling and a cracked ankle.

She has had a series of scans to check for internal bleeding and possible organ damage. Stephen is devastated but, at the same time, grateful it wasn’t worse.(more…)