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Steven Taylor WILL be offered new contract at Newcastle.

June 10th, 2010 | 86 Comments |

Ready to sign on the line?
Ready to sign on the line?
One of the better pieces of news to come out of St James’ Park has to be the announcement that a new contract is being drawn up ready for Steven Taylor to sign.

I wrote the other day that a contract would be offered to Taylor based on what Luke Edwards from The Journal was saying, and I attracted some stick for writing ‘any old guff’ whilst leaving people ‘disappointed’ that there wasn’t any quotes to back up what Luke Edwards and myself said.

Well now I have those quotes, from Chris Hughton no less, who has today confirmed to the Telegraph that Taylor wants to stay on Tyneside and help his adopted home town club survive in the Premier League rather than walking out of the St James’ Park exit door for pastures new, and that was something that has been a niggling fear for some fans for some time now. (more…)