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Llambias integral to team spirit, says Taylor

October 31st, 2011 | 16 Comments |

Steve Taylor praises club spirit at Newcastle United.
Good vibes include Delboy, says Taylor
Newcastle United defender Steven Taylor talks about the excellent team spirit at the club, including good relationships all the way up the hierarchy.

I was alarmed to see a headline in The Telegraph that said ‘Newcastle have Europe in their sights’. Admittedly the author of the article intimated that European football is more likely in future seasons than this one, but it also mentioned ‘whispers of Europe on Tyneside’ for this season following our good start.

The reason this alarms me is because it raises expectations and we’ve been down that road before. Many times.

I prefer it when nobody thinks we’re capable of anything significant and that with each win we’re exceeding expectations. Obviously our current Premier League position is going encourage some talk of Europe in people of a more hopeful disposition, but I fear that such people are simply setting themselves up for disappointment. (more…)

Taylor conked – Ameobi crocked

October 25th, 2011 | 49 Comments |

Steven Taylor to wear mask to protect broken nose.
Artist's impression
Newcastle United have two injuries to contend with – a minor one for Steven Taylor and a more significant one for Shola Ameobi.

Alan Pardew is considering playing Steven Taylor with a broken nose on Wednesday, by which I mean Steven Taylor has the broken nose rather than Alan Pardew. At least I don’t think Alan Pardew has a broken nose, although it’s not important if he does – to me, anyway – because the conk in question in this article is Steven Taylor’s.

Taylor got is nose bloodied after a clash with Mohamed Diame in our game against Wigan on Saturday, although this is the first I’ve heard that it was actually broken.

Mike Williamson’s ankle/foot injury won’t be healed in time and it seems that Pardew doesn’t fancy someone like Perch at centre-back. Pardew said:

We might have to look at him wearing a mask or something but we have to make sure he looks after his looks. He lost a lot of blood and we had him off the pitch for five minutes. It’s something we’ll have to think about for Wednesday night.(more…)