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Newcastle ‘United’ as one big, happy family?

November 25th, 2009 | 4 Comments |

Loving it!
Loving it!
It was something we were crying out for and something even Big Al couldn’t muster amongst the n’er do wells that passed themselves off as professional footballers last season.

Having rid ourselves of some inflated-egos following the drop, we hoped for some solidarity this year. Unity in the camp and everyone pushing for the same things and nobody better or more deserving than anybody else. That way everybody would have each other’s back and we’d be a ‘team’ again instead of just individuals who happened to be wearing the same shirt and kicking in the same direction on a Saturday.

One thing we probably didn’t expect after relegation though was for this to be much fun for the players. Although some of us tried to see opportunity in adversity and treat it like an adventure, we didn’t expect a beaming squad of player at the prospect of capped wages and capacity crowds lower than five figures. However, Steven Taylor has gone on record to say that it’s all smiles around the training ground at the moment and it sounds like life couldn’t be better for the young defender. He said: (more…)

Newcastle’s last line of defence!

October 26th, 2009 | 45 Comments |

Have we been nicking Premiership balls?
Have we been nicking Premiership balls?
Just how much can you discuss the same thing, day after day? Well to be fair, we’ve given it a good go but rather than rant on about the off-field stuff, I thought it might be time to reflect on the on-field matters at Newcastle United.

We’re almost a third of the way through our new season in The Championship and surely the players at our disposal must be half-decent seeing as we’re sitting pretty at the top of the table?

Clearly, some of us have different ideas about the quality in our squad and argue that our position is as much to do with luck and the lack of opposition. I’d probably agree with some of that but you can only beat what’s in front of you (to coin a well-worn cliche). Mind you, we could be here all night talking about the entire squad, so I’ll split it out a little.

For what it’s worth here’s my own term review of the the keepers and defenders. I’ve only included the lads who have played at least a couple of games so far – (more…)

Toon v Plymouth – match reaction and whatnot.

September 21st, 2009 | 5 Comments |

It's just Colgate, honest
It's just Colgate, honest
By all accounts, including our own, the 3-1 win over Plymouth was a bit of a struggle for Newcastle. This is what Hughton had to say after the game:

“There were periods of the game where we made hard work of it.

“For whatever reason, we weren’t able to sustain it and of course the longer the game goes without getting that second one, Plymouth are lifted by the occasion and feel they can get something.”

The substitutions made all the difference though, about which Hughton said:

“I think it’s fair to say Danny and Nile have changed the game.

“When you make changes you hope they make an impact, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

“Thankfully, they did make a major impact.

“We needed that Kevin Nolan goal and it encouraged the lads.” (more…)

Escape to victory – Newcastle 3 Plymouth 1.

September 19th, 2009 | 8 Comments |

You'd think 'direct' would be our motto
You'd think 'direct' would be our motto
Well that’s certainly how it felt. I’ll cut to the chase on this one because I’ve got my GNR preparations and an early night ahead of me. And frankly most of today’s game was instantly forgettable. From Enrique’s elaborations, to Joey Barton’s wonky radar and then over to a lop-sided and blunted formation, there was much to brush under the carpet come 4.50pm this afternoon.

However, thanks to a timely substitution, the endeavour of young Ranger and the fact that Plymouth were on the whole pretty horrible, we walked away with three points and a slightly flattering scoreline. And given that results went our way, we’re sitting quite comfortably behind West Brom who hammered the Smogs 5-0 at home.

Hughton promoted Geremi and Lovenkrands into the starting line-up amidst raised eyebrows in the Upper Tier of the Sir John Hall stand. Although there was a general acceptance that Butt should be replaced by Smith in the middle of the park. The new fella started on the bench. And once again we went with an uninspiring 4-5-1 approach to the game. (more…)

Toon’s Steven Taylor looking to be Everton mint?

August 21st, 2009 | 5 Comments |

Out me way, that's the 3.30 to Lime Street!
Out me way, that's the 3.30 to Lime Street!
Unfortunately, this article isn’t quite as sweet and palatable as the retro chewy mint and not just because of the quality of the writer. Despite writing about it twice already, I was fairly convinced of all the bad things to be visited upon my club this year, a home-grown talent like Steven Taylor leaving would be something I would need not worry about.

However, according to Sky Sports source, Everton are currently in talks with him over a proposed move to Merseyside.

Despite, being watched by several clubs, including Fulham, Aston Villa and Liverpool it’s claimed Everton have stolen a march on the others in their bid for Taylor, presumably in a bid to fill the void by the inevitable departure of Lescott, who was left out of his club’s recent squad to add fuel to the fire.

It’s thought that Everton representatives were at the game last night and discussions are taking place, though a transfer fee has not been agreed. (more…)