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Pardew talks about Colo and our response to the Blackburn defeat

October 29th, 2011 | 11 Comments |

Pardew hoping League CUp defeat won't affect League form.
Disappointed ... yet confident
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has been talking about Liverpool’s alleged interest in Coloccini and the defeat we suffered at the hands of Blackburn on Wednesday.

Alan Pardew has responded to recent press speculation about Liverpool’s interest in Coloccini by saying:

Liverpool like looking at our players, don’t they? But I don’t want to add any more to that. He’s been outstanding for us as a captain and a player and we’re in negotiations with him on a new contract.

Somehow that’s been taken to mean that negotiations are going well by some elements of the press and blogosphere, although that’s not something I’d extrapolate from the above quote. Not that it matters much what Pardew thinks anyway – it will be Ashley’s decision based on the results of the contract negotiations between club and player and on any offer we receive from Liverpool, if indeed we receive one at all.

Fingers crossed on that one. (more…)

Financial fair play, Toon aspirations and the Stoke game

October 28th, 2011 | 36 Comments |

Time machine would be needed for Newcastle to undo League Cup defeat.
Can't turn back time on the League Cup
Newcastle United have a big test of their ability to bounce back from defeat with a tricky game away at Stoke on Monday. I do actually manage to squeeze in some references to the game in an article even more rambling than usual.

The mid-week League Cup defeat was disappointing but without a time machine* we can’t change that now, so it’s time to get jiggy about our upcoming game against Stoke.

This in fact is the attitude of Davide Santon, who had his first start for us on Wednesday. Santon said:

We hoped to get into Europe through the League Cup but now we must look to the league for that.

We need to aim for a top-four spot. We have a fantastic squad. But we have a lot of very, very big games against very good teams coming up and we need to put all of our efforts into doing that now.

We lost Wednesday’s game, but we’re in a good place in the league. That is where we are concentrating now. We need to keep going and carry on winning. (more…)