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Nobody has any money to buy the Toon.

October 12th, 2009 | 59 Comments |

Lend me £100m mate
Lend me £100m mate
Nothing much new has happened at Newcastle United, although rumours about Barry Moat give me something to write about.

For various reasons I’ve spent the last 5 days largely out of touch with any football news at all, neither having time to read a paper nor to browse the internet.

Upon checking the news this morning I had hoped to find that the long-speculated Moat takeover was complete and that Ashley and Llambias had been tarred and feathered and hounded all the way back to Cockneyland, which would have been doubly inconvenient for them as neither are actually cockneys. I even have a large cigar – rolled on the thigh of dusky maiden no less – in preparation for such news. And I don’t even smoke.

What I find however is that nothing much at all has happened and what has happened has been covered by my blogging colleagues anyway, which leaves me with something of a dilemma when it comes to writing an article. (more…)