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Newcastle United from the outside, looking in: The view from Leeds.

July 31st, 2009 | 6 Comments |

Different allegiances but talking the same language
Different allegiances but talking the same language
No one can sympathise more with your current situation than the Leeds United fans that preceded you. It seems unjust for a club with such an impressive fanbase to be totally annihilated and ruined by incompetent ownership and bad management, but the Premier League has gotten into such a crazy situation with money that teams wanting to compete put themselves so heavily into debt in a bid to do so that it can backfire catastrophically. The saddest thing is that the players, owners and pretty much everyone else associated with the club will move on and happily forget their part in causing this destruction whilst the fans are the ones that suffer most.

I am of course a Leeds United fan. I was approached by the sites admin before the match and asked whether I’d be willing to write a review of the night’s events from an outsider’s perspective. I was more than happy to do so as Newcastle is a club I’ve always been fond of. It comes from growing up near the Kellingley Pit (about 15 miles from Leeds) where many of your fellow Geordies moved to work. I became friends with a lot of these people, as did all the people of my hometown and a friendly rivalry between Newcastle and Leeds emerged. (more…)