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Post match fallout – Krul v Van Persie rumble simmers

March 14th, 2012 | 8 Comments |

Arsenal v Newcastle March 2012 - Krul and Van Persie argue.
Newcastle United might face a second successive week of FA disciplinary action following Monday’s game against Arsenal and people have had plenty to say about the Krul v Van Persie row.

There has been some fallout from the Arsenal game, not least as a result of the spat between Tim Krul and Robin Van Persie. Jack Wilshere twitted a warning about Van Poncy’s temper:

Newcastle can’t say we didn’t deserve it! Why is Tim Krul crying as well? Obviously he doesn’t know about RVP’s temper! Don’t mess with the captain!

As far as I can gather from the press reports, the row between the two players was as much about Van Persie’s attempts to stand close to Krul for the goal kicks as it was about any alleged time wasting. According to Dutch lip readers on The Telegraph’s payroll, Krul threatened to kick the ball at Van Persie’s head to which Van Persie said “Go on then“. NUFCBlog’s Dutch lip reader is absent at the moment so I can’t confirm any of this.

To be honest, I didn’t really notice an unusual amount of time-wasting by Krul until the commentator mentioned it and the crowd started booing, and in at least one instance the crowd were booing when the ball was still in play, so maybe Wenger needs to give his team a ‘Laws of the Game’ refresher. (more…)