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Blair actually talks some sense for once, and it’s about Toon.

September 17th, 2009 | 12 Comments |

Blair: Twatt, but talking sense this time.
Blair: Twatt, but talking sense this time.
Speaking in a radio interview, Tony Blair’s former spin doctor and well known Burnley supporter, Alistair Cambell, has revealed Toon supporter and former Prime Minister, Tony Blair’s thoughts on recent affairs at Newcastle United. Campbell recounted a conversation with Blair about the recent situation at Newcastle United. He said:

“Funnily enough I was talking to TB – Tony Blair, a while back and he said something really really, I thought insightful, about what’s gone on at Newcastle.

“He said the normal situation with the football club is that you have the guys on the board who do the money, you have the manager who runs the club – he runs the team, you have the players who play, and you have the fans who support the team.

“He said what’s gone on at Newcastle, is that the fans want to be the manager, the owner wants to be a fan, the players haven’t got a manager, and the players don’t quite know where they are. And I think that’s a fair summation of a not very happy situation. Mind you they are doing OK at the moment.” (more…)