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Newcastle United will never be defeated!

September 13th, 2009 | 6 Comments |

Head and shoulders above the rest
Head and shoulders above the rest
Alreet, so that’s a bit of a bold statement but doesn’t it feel like it at the minute? Not quite literally, but I mean we were relatively average today and yet I didn’t doubt the outcome swinging in our favour at any point and it’s been a long time since a black and white first eleven had me thinking that way.

Confidence breeds confidence and it’s flooding through the squad and team at the moment and to the spectator they look as if they feel unbeatable. I’ve long been a detractor of Coloccini but today he stuck my opinion right where the sun doesn’t shine. Not just because of his well-earned and well-worked winner but for the sheer guts and determination he showed in his defensive duties, and he wasn’t alone. The entire squad looked like they’d be prepared to play until they dropped to protect the win and I genuinely couldn’t see Cardiff breaking through and much of that was due to our dogged defending and endeavour.

Perhaps again, much of today’s result was about toothless opposition as it was about our own display. Certainly they had prolonged periods of possession after the half hour point but I was always felt comfortable. It wasn’t exactly ‘total football’ again either but a win is a win, especially when you’re travelling to the likes of Cardiff. They had some talent on show but ultimately were fairly blunt in the final third. (more…)

Keeping up appearances on a shift called Dignity.

September 12th, 2009 | 11 Comments |

Strength in numbers
Strength in numbers
The slant on this is two-fold. I’m talking both about the new found optimism and feel-good factor surrounding the team on the pitch, and also about our ability to keep that pitch chock-full of experienced professionals.

Clearly our start to the season has given cause for genuine surprise throughout the football world, none more so than up here. To land on our feet and start making progress in the right direction was probably the last thing we expected.

So we can also probably safely assume it was also the last thing the media and our detractors were expecting. Therefore a pleasant surprise, as it’s a bit of a two-fingered salute to them.

Sunday’s game against Cardiff City could well prove to be the biggest challenge yet but ultimately if we succeed, it’s yet another piece tacked onto our new-found and developing cloak of pride. Even if we manage a draw, our reputation will be upheld and so there is a lot to be look forward and much to be gained in that game. We just seem to have picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves down and started getting on with it, everyone putting in a hard, honest and decent shift. For every point we pick up that goes towards our tally in the league table, we also pick up a voucher of dignity that will hopefully be redeemed in the near future. A day when we hold our heads high and we’re regarded as a proper football club again, for the right reasons. (more…)

Wolves’ Sam (in)Vokes loan spell at Newcastle?

September 9th, 2009 | 21 Comments |

Second bite at the cherry?
Second bite at the cherry?
According to various reports, there could be a chance for us to get our hands on the loan signing of Wolves’ Sam Vokes. We allegedly kept tabs on this kid before he signed a four year deal for Mick McCarthy (ah bless ‘im) and the Wanderers of Wolverhampton. Already a Welsh international at 19, he’s played a number of games for McCarthy and scored some important goals but with first team chances apparently at a premium, he could be sent out on loan and we could be one of the interested parties.

Actually, here’s the SSN report, you can read it for yourself. As with all press speculation, who knows how much truth there is in it but as with previous other rumours, the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned. Welsh international? Bring him on in.

Haris, Haris? Who the Vuckic Haris?

September 9th, 2009 | 8 Comments |

Living next door to Smokie?
Living next door to Smokie?
OK, so I’ve been waiting a while to get that one out the locker and I hope it was worth it. I imagine the subtle reference in the headline will be lost on half the readers but if the other half get it, it’ll be worth it. Anyway, did I really just write a blog to make a witty (ahem) headline? Truthfully? Sort of.

Being totally honest, I’ve not really seen a great deal of this kid to give what I’d call a completely measured opinion on his prospects but if what little I’ve seen, plus the reports and stats I’ve read are anything to go by, then the future looks bright for this young man and hopefully for Newcastle United as a result. Signed from NK Domzale just after New Year, he’s gone from strength to strength impressing at youth and reserve level. He’s also had his first taste of first team football and looks to be in line for an extended run out at the weekend, though the likelihood is that it will be from the bench. (more…)

Maradona is a Geordie? Gutierrez given blessing to stay in Toon.

August 21st, 2009 | One Comment |

Jonas: Wants to stay and fight.
Jonas: Wants to stay and fight.
Argentina coach, Diego Maradona has reassured Jonas Gutierrez that staying with Newcastle United will not affect his place in the Argentina squad.

Speaking of his chat with Maradona, Gutierrez reports:

“I’ve spoken to the national team coach and he says there is no problem for me being in the second division of English football. He said to take care, to do the things in my team, it’s no problem if I have to play in the second division, I’m going to be in the squad for qualification.

“And that was very important to hear. The words from the manager were encouraging. Now I am very happy about that because for me to play in the national team is a dream.

“If he had said ‘no you need to play in a top division’, it was going to be a difficult situation because I am very happy at Newcastle, but I want to play to with my national team, so it was going to be a difficult situation. But he told me it that no problems for me, it was important.” (more…)