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Hughton has testing times ahead [updated]

October 30th, 2009 | 14 Comments |

Big tests ahead
Big tests ahead
New Newcastle United manager Chris Hughton hopes to get at least some of Mike Ashley’s £20m cash injection to spend on players.

Amidst Mike Ashley’s popular announcement that he would be inflicting himself upon Toon fans for another season and a half, there was also the news that he’s putting another £20m of his own money into the club. Ashley didn’t actually say where the £20m would be spent but it is speculated that the money would go towards new players and improving the scouting network.

Apparently Hughton – after talks with Ashley and Llambias – is already drawing up a list of targets for the January transfer window, although he was keen to just concentrate on our upcoming games for the moment. Hughton said:

The most important thing first and foremost is that we have to work with what we have.

We can’t bring in anybody until January other than loans.

I’ll identify what I think we need when that time comes, but the most important thing is getting the results in the games before then.

There are two remits really – the here and now, and then what happens when the window opens when we’ll sit down and look at it then.” (more…)

Freddy Shepherd: no winners in Keegangate. Although Hughton might get £5m.

October 4th, 2009 | 26 Comments |

Foghorn Leghorn
Foghorn Leghorn
Former Newcastle United owner Freddy Shepherd has been having his say on Keegangate, as is his wont in such situations these days, and of course that called for a comparison with his time at Newcastle and how things were so much better back then.

Freddy said:

There are no winners [I say no winners, you listening to me boy] in this case. There are only losers – the club and its fans. Kevin Keegan and Mike Ashley are just passing through – it is the institution of Newcastle United that is damaged by this episode.

“During my time at Newcastle, when a manager left we always managed to sort it out amicably and agree on a settlement.

“And when Ruud Gullit left he agreed to waive all his rights to compensation. Gullit is the most honourable man I have ever met in football.

“Things weren’t going well and he came to me and told me he had lost the fans. He told me he wanted to go quietly and didn’t want a penny paid into his bank account. There aren’t many men of that calibre in the game. He showed he had true class and integrity [and I aint no chickenhawk, chickenhawk that is].” (more…)